Global is Badass

How many people (and how often) do you connect with people outside of your city?  Outside of your state/province?  Outside of your country?  Outside of your continent?

It makes me smile when I hear someone’s accent when they’re speaking english.  It’s just a reminder to me that I have friends and connections all over the world, and that’s fuckin cool to a local Texas guy like me.

It reminds me that I’m not just a Texan, but I’m a human – and humans are all over the world.  Having connections – any connections – from around the world gives me a world pulse.  Especially if I talk with someone residing in another part of the world one-on-one vs. hearing about events on the news or through social media.  It makes me feel more connected to that place.

I will say thank you to the internet for this!  I connect with people outside of Texas, outside of the United States a lot through Zoom or forums or Whatsapp or some online platform.

Today it’s easier than ever to connect with people globally.  Tell someone thank you on social media!  Engage in an online conversation.  Join a Facebook group.  Learn different languages and travel to new countries (I’m talking to myself here too!).

I think the biggest thing you start to see is that…though we’re from different cultures and unique, we are all very much alike.  Also, you open yourself up to very different ways of thinking about the same problems.  You gain access to a wider variety of perspectives.

Connecting globally is officially badass.


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