Spending 3 Months A Year With People You Don’t Like

Working days are the days in the year that aren’t holidays or weekends.  In the United States there are 252 working days out of 366 this year (because it’s a leap year).    If you multiply 252 X 8 hour workday you get 2016 hours.  How many days is 2016 hours you ask?  It’s 84 days. What does this mean?

If you don’t like your coworkers, get ready to spend 84 days out of these 366 days of the year around them.  That’s a lot of time right?  Imagine if you could take those 84 days and spend them around people you do like!  Over the course of 5 years you’ll add an extra year+ around people you like.


What if you go to a job where no one wants to be there…where you are all in agreement the job sucks, but people are just doing it for the money.  Imagine the energy of that space and the feelings you’re around.  Then multiply that feeling by 84 days!  Imagine how much time 84 days is in terms of memories, emotions, etc.  It’s going to be somewhere around that year after year if you stay in the United States.

Make a decision to seek out a way to make income that aligns with people who inspire you.  People you respect.  People you are proud of.  People you generally like.  It’s your ability to respond…or your responsibility to create this.


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