Going With The Flow vs Creating The Flow

In social situations, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to direct things sometimes and the opportunity to go along with the current.  I think there is skill to this, and as with anything the more you practice, the better.  The more you practice being in conversations with different groups of people, the better feel you’ll have for this.

If you were to look at my life, I probably have much more experience on the “going with the flow” side.  There can be problems if you only know this side though.  If you go with others flows that you know aren’t going to lead you where you want to go, then you end up having a pattern of being unhappy and complaining.

Too much going with the flow and you’ll feel like there’s not enough “you” in what you do.  You’ll go with other’s flow but not your own, and you are unique.  There are aspects about you that are unique and that call for you to do more creating flow.

When I say flow, I mean anything that flows.  For example…are your finances flowing the way you’d like?  What flow are you going with there?  Did someone else create that flow for you? (for example a job)?  Do you like where that direction is going? If not, you have the ability to change the flow and to learn to create your own flow.

Are you finding your conversations aren’t flowing in directions you’d like?  Who’s creating those conversations?  Are you just going along with dull conversations that offer no value?  Possibly gossip or complaining or blaming?  Who’s responsibility is it to create a different flow in your conversations?

Swing the pendulum towards creating more flow.  I think you’ll be surprised at what happens!


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