Regaining Weight Back

If I’m going to say anything about weight loss, I have to address this.

If you’re in this place, I feel for you.  No really…as I’m writing this on February 23, 2020 I literally know how you feel because I’ve gained the weight I lost back plus more.

Know that the most important thing is acceptance.  Full acceptance of your body as it is.  Keep pushing.  Keep adjusting.  It’s very easy to get down on yourself and spiral down even more if you don’t grab this by the horns.  This is not over until you’re gone!

Also, don’t go into “poor me”.  Think about the other people who will benefit from your struggles and successes.  Think about the other people that will hear your story and the ripples it will create.  Someone told me…after seeing me gain all my weight back that “your mess will become your message”. She just might be right :).

I care about you and I want the best quality of life for you, and I can’t help but to double down on the fact that a normal-sized body or one that is physically strong and fit will be better.  Keep working!


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