Spiritual Constipation

So…if I check Facebook I swear I will see so many memes that quote “Live in the moment” “Live every day like it’s your last”.  By reading these memes, you would think “damn…everybody is so spiritually in tune!”.

I think one thing that doesn’t get mentioned often is letting things flow through you and being a muse.  It’s part of the reason why you want to “live in the moment”.  In this moment there can be no problems.  You need past and future to have problems, and when you can bring life down to this moment, there can be no problems.  In this moment is where the real answers to your questions are.  Surrender to this moment.

Also understand this moment is all that there is.  The past and the future only exist in your mind.  Thank you Eckhart Tolle!

This means letting your ideas flow through you and expressing them out in the world.  Don’t get spiritually constipated…let it flow through you!!

This means listening for the answers you seek and separating answers you receive from mind answers (conditioned) and spiritual answers.  There’s a spiritual solution to every problem.  This means expressing what comes through you, to assist you when you need it.  This means paying attention to the synchronicities and miracles that are around you.  Listen for the action steps.

This concept can seem very “woo-woo” and ungrounded until you actually put it into practice and start to see synchronicities that let you know…hey…there’s more to this world than what your eyes can see.


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