Keep it Light

Since writing on the subject yesterday on finding energy and eliminating the things that bogged you down, I wanted to talk about this in conversations.

Like attracts like, so if you’re attracting light, fun, and meaningful conversations that’s an indicator on where your own vibe is.  Maybe these are conversations where you all are in the moment and going with the flow and being conscious of where the energy wants to go.  Or you’re extracting good lessons and memories from the past.  That’s why it’s light.  It isn’t negatively charged with the heaviness of the past.  Sometimes any positive talk of the past will bring about a comparison to now in people who are looking to bring more heaviness into this moment.

If you’re not attracting light, fun conversations or light and fun people, you might be attracting more serious, downer, conversations filled with lots of the past.  Serious people attract more serious situations.  Maybe there’s anger and/or bitterness here, or regret or depression, etc.

If you’re feeling these things, they will show up in conversation…and a person who is a match for that vibe will be in resonance with it.  You’ll find it easier to attract more of that energy.  This might not be what you want if you were to consciously choose what energies you want around, but you might also be used to it.  It might be familiar, so it’s easier to attract.

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