How To Remain Positive When It Sucks

There can be hits that negatively effect your life situation – your finances/intimate relationships/health.  Maybe a mistake you made or an error in judgement.  When these hits occur, sometimes it just takes time to heal them.  They are a part of life.  Accept the negatives with the positive.  Sometimes you actually need to lose things and let your old world collapse.

Your inner world is important here.  It’s important you don’t go into poor me or be alone with a storm of negative thoughts or spiral down into deep depression.  Ask for the help and support you need.

What helps me sometimes is to detach myself from my situation…to take a break from my life situation for some time.  This is not an escape…it’s a break.  A mental vacation or even an actual physical vacation.  Sometimes if things are going negatively or even positively, there can be a tendency to become attached.  It’s all good when things are perceived as positive, but when the negative comes in that’s when it weighs heavy on our minds.  The situation, good or bad, dominates our thoughts day and night.  This is where meditation can be helpful…giving your being a break from the thoughts of the mind.

As long as you keep thinking about a situation you perceive as negative, then you can expect to keep feeling negative.  So one option can be to change the way you view the situation or to create some space from that situation.  MANY TIMES creating the space can lead to a change in perception of that situation.  You can put on a different lens when you step back from the situation all together…when you’re not wrapped up in the midst of it.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Wayne Dyer

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