Heaven On Earth

I can’t tell you what your heaven is or when it is going to come or how it will look.  However, I can tell you that you will know when it does.

You would think that it’s some instance where you’re pleasured out.  Where you’re experiencing all these different pleasures you think you want…but that’s not how heaven showed up for me.

The instance for me happened when I was at a spanking party.  I looked around…stunned…and I asked myself, “could life really be this amazing?”.  At that moment it literally felt like heaven on Earth.  And get this – I was living in my car!

It wasn’t just that moment that inspired that feeling of heaven on Earth.  Imagine a cup…and all the previous insights and experiences I had within the past 2 years had been adding water to that cup.  Before attending that party, the cup was about 3/4ths full.  Then when I went to my first spanking party, the cup just started overflowing with water.  That’s what it was like.  That cup poured over to Solving Problems Socially.  I was feeling so great, I felt other people had to experience this, and that I could help them get there because I had been on the opposite side.

Heaven came from finding members of my real family.  Not members who were biologically / genetically / blood line family, but people from all over the world who aligned with deep parts of me. I met people who aligned with the part of me that wanted to do heart-centered work and make it sustainable.  I met with people who had addictions and issues with food and/or weight gains/losses. I met people who were deeply into spanking.  These parts of me were previously suppressed and when they started to be expressed then I found my new, aligned family members.  What I’m working on now is being a good container for that heaven.

What are you suppressing that needs to be expressed?  When will you express it?  What if you knew the part of you that you suppress needed to be shared…like it was your purpose to share it.  And to help other people express it to!  What if…the expression of the parts of you that you normally suppress is a prerequisite or a key to unlock connection with your true family.  Family that has been through what you have been suppressing and can help you along the journey.  Family that can offer you support and answers and can relate.  Family that can bring whatever it is you’re suppressing out of you to express fully.

You can feel heaven on earth now.  You don’t need the outside to match it at this moment, but you can use your imagination and feel what it would be like to have all the deep parts of you supported, acknowledged and encouraged.  Feel that feeling with as much intensity as you can.  The more you feel this feeling and think about it on the inside, the more your reality must shift to match it on the outside.


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