Fat Does Not Equal Lazy

Boy boy boy will society put this on you.  I’ve heard people say “When people see you as fat, they automatically assume you’re lazy or undisciplined.  That’s just how it is”.  That’s not true.  If society thinks this, society is wrong.

While I was in the middle of losing 120 pounds, i thought to myself…”all those years of beating myself up thinking I was undisciplined and lazy is NOT true.”  It just isn’t.  All I did was eat 3 meals in different time zones of the day…eat more vegetables…eliminate sugar and flour products and connect with other like-minded individuals regularly.  I just took different actions.  As I was in the midst of shedding all this weight, I would ask myself…”am I less lazy now than I was?”  no!  but I do have hella more energy!  So there was less “down” time trying to recover from meals.  It was more ignorance on what to do and what exactly to eat and when to eat it than laziness or lack of discipline.  I maybe worked out 5 times during that 120 pound weight loss – which shattered another myth I had been sold- exercise does not equal weight loss!

I can’t control what society thinks as a whole, but I can raise awareness – especially to those who are currently beating themselves up for no reason.  For most people, you don’t have to go crazy in the gym, or even set foot in a gym to be a weight that is considered normal for your body.

Telling yourself you’re lazy isn’t going to help you anyway.  It’s a form of beating yourself up.  If you FEEL lazy it’s better to determine what you’d rather feel instead.  Motivated?  Excited?  Happy?  Peaceful?  Energized?  Light?

A Better Lens

A better lens that was way more effective for me and directly resulted in me losing 120 lbs was looking at the problem through the lens of addiction – to look at the foods I was eating and find what emotions I was trying to eat over.  I had to work on feeling those emotions.  Have you ever heard “You have to feel it to heal it!”?  Yeah…it’s corny to me, but true.

There are also other addictions.  Instead of eating excess junk food the addiction could be excessively playing video games, or addictively smoking…or drinking…or *insert addictive behavior here*.  What much of the world sees as lazy could be looked at as feeding addictions that allow us to avoid feeling feelings and moving through them to our own detriment.


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