Don’t Save Money Out of Anxiety

This is an excerpt from Happy Money that hit me like a ton of bricks.

Don’t Save Money Out of Anxiety

Many people save money because they are afraid of the future.  They may get sick or lose their jobs, so they save for a rainy day.   That is why people want to save: in case something bad happens.

But if you save money out of anxiety or fear, you will just feed more fear and anxiety.  More blocks to the flow of money.

The side effect is that no matter how much you save, anxiety around money will not disappear.  If you are broke, you may think you need to save enough money for a week to feel at ease about money. But if you have a weeks worth of savings, you will feel like you need money for a month.

… So your anxiety never disappears.  Why?  It is not related to money at all.  It is anxiety and fear deeply rooted in your psychology.

There are lots of good quotes in this book, but I pulled this one out because it made me stop in my tracks because this is how I relate to savings. This makes sense from a law of attraction stand point.  Whatever you think and feel most of the time is what you will attract to you.  If you think in the way quoted above, you are on the same vibe as anxiety and fear, so you must continue to experience anxiety and fear as it relates to the possession of money.


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