Social Expansion Online vs Offline

There are many differences is connecting with people online vs offline, but one of the ways they are the same is you have to put yourself out there online and/or offline to expand your social circle.

Putting yourself out there…your ideas…your creations…your voice…your face…your presence out there is where they overlap.

Along the same lines, giving away value for free seems to work well in both online and offline such as volunteering, or giving constructive feedback to those who are willing to listen.  Online one form of giving away value for free is a lead magnet.  Offline in day-to-day life, it’s not called a lead magnet, but the concept is eerily similar.  See this post for more on the subject!

I see starting a business and getting it off the ground the same way – online and offline.  Many times, marketing is the issue both online and offline.  How much are you putting yourself out there online and offline?

Putting yourself out there is the big overlap between social expansion offline and social expansion online!


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