Pushing Past Your Limit

I remember in high school I wanted to try football.  I did well academically, but always wanted to test myself to see if I could have some semblance of athleticism in a bigger way than basketball in nearby parks.  So I took put football on my high school schedule.  It was off-season football, so it was mostly training for the upcoming season.

I sucked at the beginning.  Badly.  Struggled through most of their routine exercises, and lost all competitions.  I got hella embarrassed to the point where I started coming after school to practice and get help.

I remember having 1 completely crazy coach during that time that stood out.  He’d say some pretty ruthless things to people, and would often get a lot of pushback and backlash for what came out of his mouth.

One day, we went out to find out our lap times – how fast we could run one lap around the track which was a quarter mile.  When it was my turn, I might have gone about half way when I felt I couldn’t keep running, so I started walking.  Keep in mind I genuinely felt so tired, I didn’t think I could run anymore….until…

I see him with a super angry face, marching over to me.  He then proceeds to scream in my ear.  I was feeling so embarrassed.  I don’t know what he said…but I do remember running at that very instant again.

It was a pretty out-of-body experience.  Where did this energy come from to run?  I didn’t think I had anymore left in the tank, but apparently I did?  I remember running in a very surreal way…thinking “I’m not supposed to be doing this…but I am”.

I’ll never forget that day, because it was where I really felt like I could push past my limit.  All it took was a little embarrassment.  Who am I kidding?  It took a lot of damn embarrassment.

Pushing Past Your Limits 

Is there a limit you feel you have?  How can you enlist help to push past it?  Maybe you don’t need a crazy coach (or maybe you do?) but is there any way you can get a coach or a mentor to hold your feet to the fire?

You feel differently about yourself after you push past a limit you had in your mind.  It changes how you view yourself, and it’s a damn good feeling.

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