New Site Design

There’s still a few minor adjustments that need to me made, but I’ve installed a new WordPress theme – Maiden.

I like the functionality of it, and I really love all the different types of customization I can do, from the animations, to page setup and space and so much more.  There’s pretty much customization at every turn.

I feel like it’s a little sleeker, more professional and easier to navigate.

Also, as requested, there is a like button on each post and the ability to comment.

I’ve been told to add more “me” in it, and so still some things to work on, but I feel it’s making great progress!

My previous theme was very outdated, and updating it has brought me into the present and allowed me to become aware of all the different options there are now.  I’m much happier with the site, and much happier interacting with it knowing it’s much much closer to what I envisioned.

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