Forgiveness is Badass

If you have resentments with people from your past, know that this resentment is not hurting them, it’s hurting you.  Let them go…like a hot coal.  You’d be surprised how much energy you can spend in this emotion.

I’m seeing this with family after living with them.  As I learn more about their past, I learn why they did the things they did and why they passed things down to me that are crazy, and it becomes easier to forgive once I really walk in their shoes, or at least see things from their point of view.

Your job, and my job is to keep the good and discard the bad for the next generation and keep progress going.

Also note that forgive does not mean forget.  Don’t let your boundaries be violated continuously.  Set and enforce your boundaries, but let the anger go, and find meaning by helping others heal their resentments.

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