How To Not Be So Serious

There is a time to laugh and play, and there is a time to be serious.  It’s important to develop a discernment or a calibration as to when to use each mode.

Too much laughing and playing and you fall into the realm of not being taken seriously.  People might look to you to entertain or to liven up a party, but too much of this could lead to people devaluing your opinion on serious subjects and decisions.

Too serious and it could really bog you down emotionally, physically, mentally etc.  This might in turn bog others down around you.  Also, like attracts like.  If you repeatedly view life in a serious manner, where “serious” becomes a predominant underlying current to your thoughts, beliefs and actions, then you must continue to bring about serious situations, serious people.

Invite lightness into your life.  Read some fantasy fiction books.  Go watch some kid movies! (I’m on a Disney+ free trial as we speak). Go to a comedy show.  Hang around kids, because are pretty light naturally.  You could even try deliberately swinging the pendulum and take 30 days to do something light as hell maybe… 30 days of Disneyland?

Even better, get in touch with your own inner child – the child that lives within you.  When you became an adult, did the child within you leave?  No, it didn’t!  You just may be ignoring him/her.  There could very well be a good reason why.  It might have been a coping mechanism or a way to survive, but it’s not serving you now.

I was very interested in the inner child, and started to invite more information about my own inner child.  Someone told me who does inner child coaching relayed to me that if you’re too serious and feeling bogged down, you’re not listening to your inner child.  It might have gone into hiding.  If you want more information on this, Healing the Child Within by Charles L. Whitfield M.D.  is a great book for this.

Just another perspective to consider.

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