Thoughts after 33 Days of Blogging

It has been 33 days of publishing an article every day, and I wanted to share my thoughts on insights I’ve had.

Impressed with the creativity

It’s been very insightful to see how creative I can be when I have to be. It’s really just a matter of choosing to engage everyday. I’m surprised that I don’t run out of things to write about, and I always wonder, when will the well run dry? I’ve noticed It runs a little drier on days where I don’t have much social interactions either online or offline.

A good approach for me has been viewing this like riding waves. I sit and I imagine a wave I want to ride creatively. I try to engage my head and heart and find a place where they meet and let go, and this usually works.

If I approach writing as daily habit, then a better time to write for me is in the mornings. If I write in the mornings, then I can take it off my mind for the day, not to mention I’m just in a much better headspace to work anyway.

“I have to write an article!”

The problem with writing daily, is it is honestly starting to feel like a chore – ESPECIALLY if I wait until the day is winding down to start writing. If I wait until the end of the day, then I’ll notice I will have had the thought “You have to write an article” many times throughout the day that I ignored until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. As the day winds down it will become more of an emergency situation like..”oh no!…the day is winding down and I need to write”. Now, I know from reading plenty of productivity books that if I’m saying things that start off with “I have to” and “I need to” I’m going in the wrong direction. This is definitely not where I wanted this to go, which leads me to my next point.

Batching might be a good idea

When I was learning about proper food prep, batching was a given. The people I talked to that had made it 10+ years of abstinence from sugar and flour all batched cooked in some form or fashion. It makes total logical sense too. If you don’t batch cook in some form or fashion, that meant a lot more time in the kitchen cooking, which over the long term isn’t sustainable. You might just go crazy from being in the kitchen so much. It also tethers you to a kitchen, making it harder to travel and making your relationship with the fridge very needy.

Riding waves longer

I think I will try to ride the flow of inspiration longer. Many times, when I feel one article is complete, I’ll say to myself “done for today!”. But so many times, I’ve felt like I could keep going and keep writing and riding waves longer. Even if I’ve exhausted what I think about a particular blog topic, it feels like I could start another one very easily, or there was a connecting blog idea that I could write about. Why not keep writing articles from those places where the flow is going and end up with 2+ articles to publish on consecutive days?

I want to try this to see how it works out! I think it will allow me to have a break from writing and creating on some days. I will definitely look forward to having some days off!


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