How to Get to The Next Step

If you look at goal that you deem as “big”, there can be a tendency to want to jump to achieve it instantly. Realize if we could achieve our big goals instantly, they would cease to be big goals. Enjoy the little steps to get there. Enjoy the process.

In my twelve step program, we were always encouraged to refocus to the next right action. The question we would ask ourselves is “what is the next right action to take?”. Enough of these little steps and you get to your goal.

“Progress = happiness”

Tony Robbins

This works especially well for asking questions to busy people too. If you try to ask someone who is already getting a lot of questions and feedback a big, general question, they are very likely to have already answered it somewhere because you probably weren’t the first person to ask. “What do you think about this?” for example. They might link you to something or give you a big, generic answer back. That is if they answer it at all.

Compare that with showing some commitment and asking them for the next step you should take. Something to the effect of “I did X as you suggested, and Y happened, if you were me, what would your next step be?”.

If you have a goal, what’s a small action you can take now that would get you a little closer. Keep getting a little closer and eventually you will get there.

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