The Number One Rule of Badass

The number one rule of badass is…you can never say “I’m badass”. The second you violate this sacred rule, all of your accumulated badassness walks right out of the door.  It’s gone.

Other people can say what they want. Some might see you as badass.  Some might think otherwise. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  In fact, your badass level rises the more you can remain non-reactive to other’s opinions.  You can proclaim someone else or something else as badass, but never yourself.  Do not violate this rule.

Think about people or characters you think are badass. It would be lame as hell if they themselves were to proclaim how badass they were. It would be like they’re seeking validation or confirmation, which would make everyone look at them like this 🤨🤔

Let other people be in charge of those judgements!

You can think this in your head all you want.  You can wear things you think are badass.  You can do things you think are badass.  You can THINK you’re badass.  Just never utter the words “I am badass” out loud to anyone ever.   

You shouldn’t have to say it or proclaim it.  If you’re a badass, we will know!


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