Deeper Connections

I’ve been seeing people say that they want deeper connections. They say their connections are shallow and/or would like to have friends that they can talk about deeper things with.

If you want deeper connections, dive deep into an area that has lots of meaning for you. What do you care about?  What breaks your heart? What have you struggled with for a long time?  What do you see other people struggling with that you’ve overcome…where you feel you could help them get to the next step?  What is a shame you’ve had? What makes you cry?  Emphasis on the YOU.

I actually wasn’t looking for deeper connections, but I found people that I deeply connect with. And it happened like an avalanche. It happened when I dived deeper into the things that meant a lot to me. That’s where I found the depth and the deeper connections. I connected with people who shared a similar depth of meaning in certain areas. What means a lot to you?

The first time I felt I made some deep connections was at CLW. I met many who were into alternative means of income (besides a boring job), heart-centered work and creating a lifestyle that aligned with what they wanted because that’s what the workshop was centered around.  Everyone spent at least $500 to attend and most traveled their from other states or other countries! It was amazing to spend three days with people so committed to this vision. Heart-centered work and making it sustainable meant a lot to us.  It still makes me smile when I think about how we connected.

After that workshop was done, I felt having a healthier relationship with food meant a lot to me, so I jumped in a 12-step program for food addiction and got help there. I met people who were farther along in the journey and did such an amazing job in supporting me through my journey. As I learned more and more I was able to help others…like people had helped me.

Deeper connections mean that you connect with depth.  Where is there depth in your life?  There’s a good chance that what you really care about has depth.  Connect with people based on things you care about…your values…and you will find your deeper connections.


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