Being Authentic as an Employee

I declined an interview for a job today. Normally I would have accepted such an interview in hopes that I’d get this job. The main reason I declined was because I know what this job is going to do to me. I know what it will do to my character. It’s going to make me a way more reserved person. If I wanted to keep the job, I can’t be myself and express myself the way I wanted. It will stifle my creativity – which I have committed to for 2020. I could see my life becoming hella boring and flow going out of the window because I’m choosing to stay in a building for 8 hours a day. I’d probably be angry at the company politics. I’d feel like a slave.

I can hear voices saying “are you kidding? accept any job right now!”. I think my future self would appreciate that I stuck with my guns and learned how to navigate rapids without a job.

I’m aware this isn’t everyone’s situation and not all jobs are created equal. I’m sure there are jobs where you can truly express yourself and true expression might even be encouraged.

If you are an employee now, do you have to hide the real you to work there? Is it a place you can express the real you? or would you get fired for doing such a thing? What would your future self think looking back at your decisions today?

The world, including me, wants the real you as much as possible. Please give us more of the real you.

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