Maybe You Don’t Need Anymore Information

Here is the exact sentence that urged me to sign up for CLW. This workshop changed me! Up until then I had never spent that much money on an event or traveled to Vegas or anywhere west of Texas.

I want to invite you into an immersive environment where you can experience the necessary shifts for yourself. If reading about it was enough, then you’d already have done it.

As soon as I read that something in me knew that was an answer I needed. I wanted to make passive income, and I had read all the books and blogs and listened to the audio books and podcasts and watched the Youtube Videos. They’d make me feel good and inspired, but then I’d look at my life and feel deflated and in the back of my mind the thought that swirled around was “Ok…that’s great for you, but what about me”.

What I did need was some social interaction with people who were way ahead of me.

What this social interaction did was make things more grounded and real. I met some people who were making a full time living creating and selling online. We spent three days together and it made it much more real for me and made me feel that it was possible for me. And I’ve made passive income every month ever since that event three years ago. Now it’s not much, but I have no doubts that it’s possible. It’s not a lofty vision or a daydream anymore. Money actually gets deposited into my account because they made it real and also filled in a lot of gaps for me.

I was making passive income soon after that event, and it worked so well I thought…Hmmmm maybe I can solve other problems socially. I was fat so maybe that problem can be solved in a social way?

That worked too!

Eventually it led me to create Solving Problems Socially.

The work for me now is being able to contain all this aligned beauty.

Have you been listening to lots of audiobooks or programs or podcasts? Have you been reading lots of blog articles and books? These can help, but you ultimately have to ground the ideas present in them by your own experience or being around someone who is further down the path of wherever you want to go so success and progress can feel real to you. You can do that socially!

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