Thoughts after 1000+ Food Deliveries

Door Dash and Favor are both P2P food delivery services. Between Favor (559 deliveries) and Door Dash (553 deliveries) I have done 1092 food deliveries. Here are some insights I’ve noticed after having done them both for a considerable amount of time:

  • There are so many dog owners. Jesus.
  • I have a difference in rating and my Favor rating is .2 points higher than my Door Dash on the same scale. I get no feedback on why my ratings are the way they are on either app, but if I had to guess I believe it’s because on Favor I would always let people know what’s going on if there was a delay with their food. I never do this with Door Dash. And there are always delays with both services dealing with the restaurant / merchant and traffic.
  • Delivering at night vs delivering during the day has it’s pros and cons. Delivering during the day means everything is visible – this includes apartment building numbers, restaurants, most house numbers etc. Things are waaaay harder to see at night – especially in horribly lit places. But during the night the roads are way clearer. There’s less decisions to make because there are less cars. Much of this is only applicable if you live in a big city like Houston, Texas. During the day it’s hard to find completely clear streets like the night time.
  • It is a lot of work for a little money. It’s just low value work, and I know it’s because most people have the ability to do it. My current Dash Time for the past week is 13 hours and I earned $176.14 and did 23 deliveries. That number doesn’t take in about $35 spent on gas and the depreciation of the car due to the miles I put on. It was pretty laughable today. I thought to myself “This is some of the slowest money out there…that’s it?”. It really made me want to swing the pendulum towards creative work and getting more people involved to be able to scale.
  • A Toyota Camry has much better gas mileage than my newer Dodge Charger. I always knew this logically, but now I feel it in my pocket. $20 in a Toyota Camry lasts a long damn time.

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