A downside of dark, cold, and distant cool characters

Many times we see certain characters (or real people) portrayed in media somewhere and we want to take on parts of their persona…or there’s a part of that character we really relate to.

I wrote here about the characters I thought were badass, and I realize they are all cold, dark characters with the exception of a few. I think they are very isolated characters too, and that’s what drew me to them. I grew up very isolated, and I can remember many days of being consumed with anger and rage and depression…not really knowing how to get out of those feelings – just like many of these characters.

One thing I didn’t factor in is that a consequence of being more like these cold, dark characters is that you don’t value intimacy.

Society might label you a “loner” or slap on another label, but those are society’s labels and you don’t have to accept those. The term “ladies man” could mean you attract a lot of women, but you’re cold towards them and you keep them distant.

Accept the full picture of the characters and people you admire. Don’t put the good parts you like on a pedastal, and ignore the downsides or the sacrifices that need to be made in order to fully embrace the parts you like about that character.

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