Where to rent a swimming pool

Damnit I love these P2P services. I just stumbled on Swimply. Where has this been all my life? Now you can rent a swimming pool for a party or for you and your boo or to just chill alone.

The other options

You can purchase a membership to a gym or fitness club with a pool…but you might not know the people you’re swimming with. And you don’t know have the whole pool to yourself, so you have to be semi aware of where others are so as not to invade their space.

I can remember me and friends / roommates would use apartment pools, but those have limitations too. We were always getting the cops called on us for being loud even though we weren’t loud at all. And again, you might not know who you’re swimming with.

Don’t get me wrong. Public pools and pools reserved for tenants and their guests are where I’ve actually met a lot of friends. It’s one of the best social places to meet the people around you if you live in apartments, condos, etc – (if they clean it!). It can be fun and upbeat in the daytime, and an intimate, chill place at night. Or maybe fun and upbeat the whole time there. Nothing like the light in the pool mixed in with the dark night and lots of fun people to make it a memorable experience. BUT sometimes I don’t want to be social and meet NEW people. I just want to swim by myself or exclusively with people I know…or people that know people I know if it’s a private party.

Enter Swimply

Another update will come after I actually use this service. This is just the beginning. Muahahahahaha!

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