What Slows Productivity Down

I see so many, “how to be more productive” articles, but I don’t ever see this problem framed as “you’re naturally productive, so what’s stopping you”.

So I Googled “Things that slow productivity down” to see what was out there already and this article popped up that pretty much echoed everything I was going to write about. And written 4 years ago. That’s wild! Well done StartupGrind. Well Done.

I especially agree with the “energy levels” section of that article. I saw this a lot with jobs. Many jobs I worked for would push and push and push the employees and not give any significant downtime. It was like they wanted more orange juice, but they were squeezing an orange that had been all squeezed out. That orange might produce more teeny droplets, but there is no flow any more.

Another approach that seemed to make more sense, is to play and have fun and rest until you want to go back to work! And if you don’t want to go back to work, evaluate the work or how you’re actually doing the work. I had never thought of this perspective, but I saw the value after taking an extended break to Mexico. I wasn’t even aware of this perspective until I received coaching in my coaching program.

I think this really works well if you’re doing creative work. Your mind goes to different places on vacation and when you come back to work you relate to it differently.


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