How to get out of my head!

There can be a tendency to be stuck in your head – especially if you’re a really logical and analytical or if you habitually go there.

You know what I see people do? If there a person that’s stuck in their head and trying to figure it all out on their own you’ll see this a lot from them 🙄 That’s a “roll-eyes” emoji, but I mean it more in the sense that it’s a look I see when someone is trying to think up a solution or a response instead of sitting with the feedback for a moment and responding from the heart.

This can lead to recurring problems that you can’t seem to solve. That’s because some problems just aren’t a good match to solve at the head level. And some problems aren’t a good match to solve at YOUR head level.

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein.

If you’re this kind of person, you might also feel the limitations of this approach. You might see people having way more fun and flow and having better results all around the board, and you look at this logically and it’s like WTF? How?

Head: logical, analytical, step-by-step, systems, equations, formulas, repetition

Heart: Fun, flow, creativity, teamwork, co-creation, funny, heart-centered events, deep dives, explorations, sharing, surrender and trust

Volunteering is a great way to get into your heart. Take a day feeding the homeless or helping animals. Have an intention to spend your time genuinely caring and having fun with others (flow).

Going to a heart-centered event. Something that would seem fun to you. Genuine. Fun. To. You.

Dive deep into your interests shamelessly.

Hanging out with other heart-centered people can help you shift too!

Feeling gratitude now can put you in a heart-centered mode.

Co-creating anything cool with others who have an intention to also create something cool…maybe a project or an experience or a group call or workshop.

Understand that I’m suggesting that you swing the pendulum here towards the heart – not leave the head out all together forever. Head is too great to leave out! 😛 😉

If you’ve been exclusively head, then switch to the heart mode. When you can get the head and the heart in sync and dancing together, there can be some magic! I’m talking Careless Whisper magic. Have some great sax like that song.


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