Airbnb is Badass

You don’t like where you’re staying? or ya just wanna get away?

Well…isn’t choosing a destination a step closer to actually getting away?

If you think to yourself “I wanna stay in another place”, or “I want to live in another place!” wouldn’t it be one step closer if you know the city you want to stay in? Wouldn’t it be more concrete and easier to lock on to if you knew how much it cost and you have pictures of where you’d be living?

This is what I like about Airbnb.

Tell me this listing above ain’t badass. There’s actually a ‘Tour this home’ button for some spaces, and it’s cool to just picture yourself walking through these crazy spots.

This is the most excited I’ve been in a while! I have a goal to live in a another area this year, but that’s so fuzzy, and by actually just browsing I found some badass spots! Airbnb didn’t get badass until I set the cost filter to minimum $645 per night over here in Dallas. The average was $135…but you get average, and I’m used to spending just under average! In fact, my first time, I stayed in a hostel for $25/night in California… and I got what I paid for – very crowded place to stay but amazing location.

In some areas smaller amounts go a waaaay longer way.

Look at that listing in Thailand! At the time of this writing it’s $55 per night! Yo come on!

Whatever you do, don’t just dismiss your desires because it would be a stretch to get there. That’s the easy way out. Instead of looking at one of these badass spots and saying some version of “I can’t because…” say “how can I”? That’s a more creative question that involves some more effort from you…but you will not regret that you stretched yourself here…and Giving 100 percent effort is badass too! 😉