Flexibility is Badass

After working years in stuffy, boring ass 9-5 jobs, I decided to drop that rigid slave-like schedule and prioritize flexibility in my day-to day schedule – even it it meant lower pay.

Benefits of being an independent contractor (400 favors as a Favor runner) and setting my own schedule:

  • I don’t have to cap my breaks at 15 min
  • I can eat lunch whenever I want
  • I can take walks outside whenever I want
  • I can attend meetings / educational webinars and CGC coaching calls and move my schedule around these things. In my 9-5 job I would usually have to miss the things I wanted to do because keeping my boring ass 9-5 was a priority.
  • I get to have the mornings to prioritize my goals first if I so choose.
  • More responsibility (this could be a positive or a negative the way you look at it)
  • I can take a day, a week, a month off and pick up where I left off if I like.
  • I can do things when other people are at work so to avoid traffic and lines.

Hell Yeah.

Of course there are downsides too. My pay has been cut in half from my 9-5 job. There is always the risk of being too lazy and paying the consequence later. There is a lot more isolation.

So wtf am I saying here? I’m again saying flexibility is badass. Too badass for me to go back to a 9-5, so in the meantime in between time, even though being a Favor Runner sucks, I will keep going doing it while exploring other options that will payoff better in the future.

I think my next post will be an attempt to make Favor a little more badass for me, the runner, since I’m choosing to continue it for now.