Badass Overload

Damn there’s so much Badass shit in the world!  There’s also a lot of shit that’s marketed to be badass, so it appears to be badass on the surface, but when you dig deeper it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Example > beer!

Yo…we’re gonna talk about all that shit here.

  • Customization is badass
  • Fashion can be badass (overly obsessing over fashion is not badass)
  • Addiction is not badass (ask an addict!), but sometimes can be expressed in a badass way, creating the illusion that it is in fact badass
  • Trying to hard to be badass isn’t badass
  • Mystery is badass
  • Winning is badass
  • Creating amazing shit is badass
  • Conscious lifestyle design is badass
  • Complaining and whining is not badass
  • Giving 100 percent effort is badass
  • Growth is badass
  • Tribes are badass
  • High Quality is badass (but seeing improvement from shitty quality to high quality is pretty badass too)
  • The Internet is badass
  • Royalties are badass
  • Passive Income is badass
  • Doing shit that scares the FUCK outta you is badass
  • Rap and Hip-Hop is Badass
  • Spanking women who like being spanked is badass


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