Solving Problems Socially is an online course created to help people solve problems using a social mode of learning and connection with others.

It’s for the person who has struggled with feeling alone in dealing with their problems, but would love to seek out some social support and answers to lead them to progress and ultimate realization of what it is they want. You could be feeling like you’re stuck on a problem and you’ve read all the blogs and books, you’ve watched the Youtube videos and listened to the audiobooks on that particular problem, but still haven’t found the results you’re looking for.

I felt like I was spinning my wheels going at my problems alone until I traveled and went to a workshop. I really wanted to understand passive income in a different way and also make it in a way that was fun. In that workshop, I had so many questions answered and holes filled in that I immediately naturally found myself taking what felt like massive right action without even trying when I landed back in Texas (the workshop was in Vegas). I had only heard and read about this mode of taking action from other people. I would hear or read about it and want to activate it within myself but nothing until I went to this workshop. Then a fire emerged and it was like water flowing down a river after all the years of beating myself up for being lazy and just not being motivated for action.

What I needed was to find the right people to talk to, and they were there. In that workshop in Las Vegas I met people who were interested in the things I was saying. The people I was talking to from day to day in my reality in Texas were not interested in the things I was saying. There were people in Las Vegas who were farther along in the same journey I wanted to take. In Texas, I knew of literally no one who was farther along in making passive income I was seeking to make. That was a workshop on passive income and heart-centered work.

It worked so well…I thought hmmm let’s try this way of solving my weight / eating issues, so I joined a 12-step program and it worked the same way.

Then I started attending fetish parties and connecting with people there and it was like heaven. There were people at my level and there were people much farther along in the journey as well that were willing to pass on the knowledge to me.

I started to see the pattern and wrote a course on it all. I want to be a person who passes knowledge on just as it was passed on to me in the areas of wealth, health, and relationships.

The course is broken down into what you need to do on the inside, and what needs to happen on the outside.

When you get the inside right the outside falls into place.

Eckhart Tolle

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