The purpose of this one-on-one call is to help you on your path to creating a social circle that fits the real you, social skills, and finding your tribe(s) or anything listed below. This is an hour long, one-on-one call between me, Broderick Durisseau, and you!

What can I help you with?

  • Feeling good from day to day – (Go from feeling shitty and/or so-so from day to day…to feeling badass! note: I am not a doctor or physician and cannot give medical advice though)
  • Meditation (Feel the relief of not thinking! (ahhhhh) Stop having your thoughts make you feel beat down! Feel more grounded! ) 
  • Visualization / Vibe Work / Intention Manifestation (Get some amazing feelings going and use those feelings for fuel to shift your reality)
  • Social Skills (learn what to do / what to say and when to say it and when to do it to create different social situations)
  • Masculine, Feminine and Inner Child Energy 
  • Letting Go of Friendships and Family with Love  (sometimes our social circle of family and friends may not be ready or capable of supporting us in transitions we want to make. Learn how to let them go with love and often transform the relationship!)
  • Finding Your Tribe (have your social circle make life a lot easier and flow better, express your self with people who align with the real you)
  • Uncovering The Real You that’s mentioned in the bullet before this one
  • Anything on This Mind Map about self care / social skills

What I can NOT help with :

There are some things I can not help with. If asked, I would suggest seeking help in other places in these areas.

  • Medical / Legal – I am not a doctor or lawyer
  • Travel – I was born and raised in Texas! Love it here, but still working on exploring more of this world while I’m here. I just went to Mexico, and that was my first time out of the United States! But yeah…I ain’t the one to ask about anything related to visas, immigration, or travel etc yet.
  • Intimate Relationships – I don’t have too much direct experience here because it frankly has not been my focus.
  • Children / Parenting – I don’t have kids so…probably not the wisest to seek help from me here. It might be a while before there’s a Broderick Jr.
  • Fitness – I’ve been doing lots of cardio this year, and have done off-season football training and had a personal trainer in the past. I don’t feel too confident in helping others in this area.

Will this be audio or video?

The default will be a video call done on Zoom, but it can be done with just audio if you want, just let me know. You will need hardware that will run the Zoom app or program (iPhone / Android / Computer).

Will it be recorded?

No, it will not be recorded on my end.

If you’re recording it on your end, I’d ask that you just let me know I’m being recorded so you can get my good side 😉

How much will this cost?

Free! All it will cost is time for now 🙂 You’ll be helping me in a way that’s not money. By sharing your challenges with me, and trusting me to help with them (or trusting me to recommend someone who could better serve you), it will give me a better pulse on what current social issues I can help with and possible directions to go.

Where do I sign up?

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