I know. It’s been on your mind since forever – What would it be like to be worshipped?

Say no more.

Sign up below and let us worship you like you need to be worshipped!


Quality worshippers, trained in the delicate art of worship, will arrive at your location of choice and immediately begin to worship you like the God you are for a predetermined amount of time. (We ask that you have all pets out of reach of the worshippers. Animals present can make noise and join in this sacred occasion, but we don’t want our worshippers attacked or licked by your animals).

This package includes:

  1. Singing a worship song meant for God but we replace your name with God as hands are raised similar to the picture above. Example: “Oh Damiaaaaaaan, we lift our hands to theeeeeee”.
  2. Prayers filled with gratitude sent to you with worship arms Example: “Oh Damian thank you for everything you are and have done. You are amazing!”

Want to get worshipped at the park? Cool!

Want us to worship you at church? Makes sense

Want to be worshipped in front of your parents or significant other? Let’s go!

There is no refund for this service. Also, worshippers are free to leave at their own discrection if they feel your actions are degrading, harmful, or disrespectful to them in any way, so we require that you treat your worshippers with dignity and respect.

Also, this ain’t a sexual thing. All sexual acts of worship are prohibited, so please don’t even ask.

Interested? Prices start at $300 per hour. Please arrive promptly at the agreed upon time for your worshipping session.

Download the Wurshup app now in the App Store and Google Play 🙂