Some Thoughts on Badass

I think it’s wild that this blog started off talking about badass characters.  Badass sunglasses.  Then it quickly moved into more in-depth topics.

While I think those things are badass, they can only mean so much.  It’s more badass when the person wearing the sunglasses is badass…or if the badass characters were real.  It reminds of of when I went swing dancing.  I saw a few people who were really dressed in swing clothes, and they could REALLY dance.  They had swing dancing skills that went with the clothes and it was definitely badass to watch.  This was a movie!  The look is badass but the personality, the skills, the persona that goes with the look is next level badass.

Another thought was that…badass is relative.  If everyone has it or can do it…it ain’t so badass.  Most people over 4 years old can walk, therefore walking isn’t very badass unless you’re going from not being able to walk to walking.

Is there edge? Where is the uniqueness?  Is there skill?  Can everyone do it?  Is is authentic?

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