Sometimes Accountability Isn’t What You Need

Sometimes if you’re feeling lazy and run down, the last thing you need is to pile more accountability on top of the problem.

I get it.  You had goals, intentions, commitments that just didn’t happen…and you can’t point to a really good reason why they didn’t happen other than your own laziness.  Consider this though…

If there’s too many goals, intentions, commitments, you just might be overwhelmed.  And being overwhelmed can lead to apathy if you don’t know strategies for dealing with it.  You might begin to burdened and/or trapped by these commitments.  Eventually you’re like…fuck this shit I’m out!


You might try and avoid the issues with addictions or distractions.  You don’t have to do this!

There’s also tendency to look for more accountability in this situation.  Maybe you enlist the help of a friend to “keep you accountable” ie and accountability buddy or you join a group to get group support.  Not saying that that wouldn’t work, it’s just a very common way of dealing with things and if it’s effective for you, do it!  But if you’re finding that you’re still not getting things done then try looking at it like a problem that can be fixed with the right tools.  Tools / Suggestions:

  • Get it up and out.  Get all these things you have to do on a list, in a journal, on a piece of paper – somewhere out of your head so it can be better sorted and broken down in smaller pieces
  • Break your commitments down to the smallest steps
  • Take the next right action after you break these things down
  • Delegate what you can.  Outsource.  Ask people around you for help with those steps.  Since you’ve broken these down, you’ll
  • If you’re feeling stuck, ask people who have done what you’ve done for tips / tricks on how to do it faster / easier / more efficiently.
  • Examine the goal / intention / commitment itself and see if it aligns with the real, authentic “you”.
  • Realize that you don’t have to do anything.  Take these phrases out of your vocabulary “I have to” “I need to” and replace them with “I’m choosing too”.
  • Take a break / Vacation / Have some fun – Get into another mode
  • Do some small or big act of service and to get out of your head


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