Hold People Accountable

If people say they are going to do something, hold them accountable.  Don’t be scared.  They are the ones who committed to it.

If they backlash at you, it’s about them – not you.  That is their character flaw they must deal with.

Of course, know that if you do that, you will get the same treatment you give, but if you do what you say you’re going to do (integrity!) then you won’t have to worry about someone calling you out.

Sometimes you can overcommit, but the more you make commitments and keep them, the better discernment you develop for what you can realistically do.

One of the biggest benefits is respect for yourself.  Everyone isn’t willing to have the tough conversations, and you set yourself apart if you’re willing to have those tough conversations and even initiate them when it’s necessary.  You’ll feel better about yourself.  You’ll have the confidence to know you won’t tolerate repetitive broken commitments.

Also, it will nudge people to become more self aware.  Sometimes people will break a commitment and keep on going if no one stops them to acknowledge the situation.  Nobody stops them and they keep repeating the same behavior!  It might make them take a step back and set some smaller/easier commitments and work their way up, or it might push them to step it up and rise to meet their own commitments.  Either way you’ve stopped the momentum of broken commitments.

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