There was a point I watched The Secret and this chart showed up.  Kinda hard to read, but the top half (good feelings) reads love, gratitude, joy, passion, happiness, excitement, joyful expectation, hope, satisfaction.  Then the bottom half (not-so-good feelings) reads boredom, annoyance, worry, blame, anger, revenge, hate, resentment, guilt, depression, fear.

When I saw this chart in the The Secret it was one of those moments where it hit me like a ton of brinks.  Up until that point, most of my life, I had feelings from the bottom half.  One big motive of this DVD I was watching was getting me to the top half.  I felt like it was asking me “what do you need to do to feel more feelings on the top half”.  I’ll never forget that moment because it was very eye-opening and very relieving.  I could stop beating myself down with all these negative emotions.

Are you beating yourself down with any of these negative feelings?  At the time I saw this chart, out of all the good, top half emotions, I felt that gratitude was the easiest to shift into. I could be thankful I had two eyes and could walk and other simple things that I take for granted on a daily basis, and I could just sit in that for a while.

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