The Effects of Forced Money Fasting

So…rewind to June 2017.  I had a job paying me about $650 dollars a week doing purchasing and doing deliveries on the side which payed me an additional $200 / week ….so about $850 dollars a week take home.

Not the greatest of incomes, but enough to live as a single male in Texas on my own.  I went to Evolving out Loud and immediately quit my job soon after …sooo my income went down to just whatever I was making during deliveries (about $300-$400/week).  I ended up living in my car for a while really avoiding moving in with family or friends because I didn’t see where this road would end and eventually ended up living with family…and my life as I knew it collapsed.  This was all as a result of listening to what I felt I was hearing.  The world around me was telling me to “get a job” or looking at me like I was crazy for quitting a job I had.

Did I mention I also was paying a car note and (getting help with paying it) for a 2015 Dodge Charger to the tune of $675/month?  It was around March of 2019 when this all started, so now here’s an assessment of the good and bad up until now.

The Bad

  • My income was low
  • Dealing with living with family was regressive
  • Letting go of a car was embarrassing

The Good

  • I got to do more of what I wanted to do and I didn’t look at money as my master.  Normally money would be my excuse to stop doing what I wanted to do OR I would be so wrapped up in doing things to make money, there would be little space to do what I wanted to do.
  • My expenses were low
  • I said the things I wanted to say
  • I got so many unexpected gifts
  • I got to come face to face with why I wasn’t generating income and places I wanted to grow
  • I got to come face to face with my fears
  • I can look at myself and know that my actions aren’t coming from desperation
  • I created a course
  • My mind went into so much depth to places I didn’t think it could go.

Eventually I started to realize…hey…I’m not gonna die, so what’s gonna happen?  Some discomfort?  Missing out on some things?  You can find other ways to make money if you’re willing to connect with people.  There’s plenty of P2P services now like Uber, Turo, Swimply (I haven’t used this one yet, but it’s coming!).  I ended up doing lots of odd jobs that support me pretty well living with family, and I’m looking to blogging to support in the future.

You start to really feel like you’ll be supported no matter what – so when are you going to do what you really want to do?  What you’re really called to do?


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