Locking On To A Vibe

Has there ever been a time where you experienced an unforgettable moment?  Where you remember the energy being amazing?  Maybe you…

  • hung out with a group of people who inspire you or
  • went to an event or
  • had a celebration or
  • went to a workshop or
  • traveled somewhere or
  • a performed in some way or
  • had an “aha” moment where life changed

Know that at any point, you can recreate that feeling.  Your outside circumstances don’t have to be in those particular ways for you to feel those feelings.  You can recreate that vibe within you now.  Close your eyes and put yourself back in that moment.   The more you can recreate that vibe here and now, the more your circumstances or life situation must change to match that feeling…that vibe.  Play with it.

I know when I have one of those moments, it’s a real breakthrough because I can lock it in, so if I ever fall way out of alignment I can hone in on that vibe again.  Personally, I’m working on locking those feelings in daily, so much so that it becomes normal to have them and experience them, and they aren’t so out-of-the-ordinary.


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