Another Way to Think About Expanding Your Social Circle

I never thought about expanding my social circle in terms of one friend at a time.  I spent much of my time alone, but after that, I asked “what world can I get into?”, and that was a lot more effective in making friends.  As in…what world do I want to learn about?  That way I can possibly connect with many people who could be friends.  If I want to get into dancing, there’s probably a lot of dancers I could have as friends if I start going to the tutorials, lessons, dance sessions, performances, etc.

What about the world of music?  Think about the friends you could make there.  You could have pianists, singers, piano teachers, drummers, audio tech guys/gals, Tamborine players..who knows!

The possibilities are endless.  This is how I think about social circles now – how will I dive into my interests and meet like-minded people so we can talk about our common interests and keep getting better…and attracting more people into these worlds.  I find the deeper I can get into a certain world, and the more I can commit…the better things get.  This comes from caring!  and when ya genuinely care…you get the deeper connections.

Keep doing this and you have friends in different worlds and there can be some overlap…or a lot of overlap depending on the worlds.


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