Where Creative Ideas Come From

I set an intention to publish content every day here on This is Badass.  So far, so good.  This intention stirs something up in me that I didn’t predict.

This is the primary method I’ve used to write thus far.  I learned it concretely from DAI.

I sit back and imagine the wave of subjects to talk about.  Then something flashes inside me, like a spark.  It is a wave and I can chose to ride this wave or I can let it pass by and wait for another one.  There is an abundance of waves to ride at any time as there are an abundance of waves in the ocean.

It’s like surfing…and surfing is pretty badass, so I hear (I’ve never been surfing on actual water)

Sharing these little adventures in creativity is rewarding for others and rewarding for yourself if your intentions are for the highest good of all.  That energy must come back to you in some form…like every action has an equal but opposite reaction.

It can also work the same way if the intentions are dark.  They come back to you in some form.

Practice this!  Commit to writing (or creating another way), sharing and inviting feedback.

Make sure to add some “you” in your creations.  Every ride, every wave and every rider is unique.  Amplify the uniqueness.


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