How To Be More Creative

If you find yourself bumping your head against a wall trying to create – I feel ya.

I tried to make a blog before, but would always struggle finding topics to write about OR if I did hone in on a topic it might be hard to write about it. If I somehow overcame those hurdles, I would find myself being repetitive as far as topics and/or content.

Embrace the New

This blog is way easier for me, and things changed when I actually started to embrace the new. I would encourage you to do the same even if you’re not having problems with creativity.

Having a dynamic lifestyle where I’m having flow (either online or offline) just get my creative juices flowin. Being exposed to different cultures and people and ideas and music just helps with creativity.

Creativity is taking what’s already out there and making something new with it, right? When someone writes a book, they’re not using new words right? and if they are using new words possibly from their own made up language …they’re not using new letters right? If you drill down deep enough, eventually you’ll get to something that was already there.

Embrace a new challenge. Travel to a new city. Connect with people you haven’t met before. Spend money on something you wouldn’t normally spend money on. Build a new skill. Just documenting doing these new things and sharing them can create value for other people and help you build connections between things and people and enhance your creativity.

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