365-day Challenges are Badass?

I don’t fuckin know wtf. I’ve never done this before. This is scary as hell!


BUT I will be posting every day here for 365 days (every day of 2020)! I will publish text, audio and video here every day. I would like to be a more consistent character overall, and I feel like this will help me with consistency and inspired action across the board. The point is to turn the volume up on consitent creative output and inspired action to weave creativity, inspiration and consistency into my character.

Biggest fear? I’m afraid I’m going to forget a day honestly. I think I can overcome that if I post right when I think about it and suppress the suppression.

Speaking of supressing suppression – to give credit where credit is due, the whole idea to do this was inspired by this post on Creating a More Action-Oriented Character.

Jump in with me! The water is fine! Would you like to stretch yourself in the area of creative output? I would definitely recommend sharing as much as you can…because sharing is caring right? Lemme know in the comments! 🤯

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