Damn there’s so much Badass shit in the world!¬† There’s also a lot of shit that’s marketed¬†to be badass, so it appears to be badass on the surface, but when you dig deeper it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.¬† Example > beer!

Yo…we’re gonna talk about all that shit here.

  • Customization is badass
  • Fashion can be badass (overly obsessing over fashion is not badass)
  • Addiction is not badass (ask an addict!), but sometimes can be expressed in a badass way, creating the illusion that it is in fact badass
  • Trying to hard to be badass isn’t badass
  • Mystery is badass
  • Winning is badass
  • Creating amazing shit is badass
  • Conscious lifestyle design is badass
  • Complaining and whining is not badass
  • Giving 100 percent effort is badass
  • Growth is badass
  • Tribes are badass
  • High Quality is badass (but seeing improvement from shitty quality to high quality is pretty badass too)
  • The Internet is badass
  • Royalties are badass
  • Passive Income is badass
  • Doing shit that scares the FUCK outta you is badass
  • Rap and Hip-Hop is Badass
  • Spanking women who like being spanked is badass


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